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Three Decades of Industrial Experience

Cloisonné is an ancient technique with the complicated forming process for decorating metalwork objects; this will normally be made by different craftspeople. Evenvic Enterprise, a professional manufacturer and exporter of various cloisonné products, has been serving the industry since 1980. We produce several kinds of cloisonné souvenirs, such as souvenir ashtray, souvenir spoon, pocket pillbox, enamel bookmark. We have a team of skilled craftsmen and designers who are always making the new design in the different type of cloisonné souvenirs.

Strict Quality control and R&D team
We have a QC team who rigorously checks every stage of production, each piece of customer's order will be carefully examined again before shipment. And we also have R&D team, always making new innovative cloisonné designs and products.
The trait of Cloisonne merchaindse : Colorfast and scratch – resistant
All of our cloisonné products are colorfast at least 20 years because they are hand – colored by the craftspeople. These cloisonné products are also scratch – resistant due to the higher surface hardness.
Customers all over the world
Our products have been exported to Europe, the US, South America and Asia. Relying on the unique creative, high product quality, we win the trust and favor of many customers.Small orders and customized designs are welcome, we can provide full support for export and customs documentation, our sales team replies to all inquiries within 24 hours. Contact us today.


Development Path

Evenvic CO., LTD. founded in 1980, is a specialized Manufacturer and Supplier of cloisonne gift and souvenirs. We have experienced growth steadily year after year. Our oversea factory, which is located in Taiwan, has been built to support our continuously expanding business. 

We have endeavored to the design and fabrication of all kinds of cloisonne merchandises and have profound OEM/ODM experience with domestic and world enterprises. At present, we are extending our business to North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Far East countries.

Our main products include various souvenirs and stationery, such as enamel bookmark, metal pillbox , souvenir spoon, pocket ashtray, souvenir ashtray, cloisonne ballpoint pen, metal pill box, trinket box, cell phone straps, hard enamel pin , hard enamel charm, hard enamel brooch, hard enamel keychain, enamel hair clip, hard enamel hair band, hard enamel hair comb, hard enamel comb, and hard enamel bracelets, magnifier necklace, stationery clip, business card case.

Bag Hanger & Charm

Bookmark & Magnifier & Pen & Letter opener


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